Mothers Rights

It can be very disconcerting being brought into court because of a paternity action. You may be worried that the legal action will affect the custody and visitation of your child. It is important to be aware that although you may be the primary caretaker of your children, Illinois allows fathers the same rights for custody and visitation. Therefore, it is really important that you talk to an attorney to protect your rights. Our law firm can help you with that process.

Joel C. Zimmerman & Associates, Ltd., is here to assist our clients with all of their concerns on these issues. With a background in family law and practice for more than 25 years, our law firm understands the family law field and the related proceedings of the legal system. We take the time to explain what is happening in your case at each phase as well as your legal options so that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities.

What Rights/Responsibilities Do Mothers Have?

If you are a mother who has been brought into a paternity case, you are probably interested in knowing your rights and responsibilities:

  • Mothers have the right to pursue or defend custody.
  • The obligation and privilege to receive or support their children.
  • If the mother is the custodial parent, she has the right to receive child support.
  • Right to receive and/or pay for educational expenses including day care, school expenses, and other related costs.
  • Right to receive and/or pay for health insurance.
  • Right to receive and/or pay for uncovered medical, dental and optometric expenses.
  • Whether decisions regarding the child(ren) relating to religion, health, school and other significant matters should be made solely or jointly.

Options to Ease Communication

There are some options that are available to parents who are looking to have smoother communication with less conflict. We can assist our clients with resources to facilitate productive communication and efficient sharing of parental rights with the other parent.

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